Detroit Pistons


Days after launching Open Me When, we were approached by the Detroit Pistons to create a special gift to welcome their VIP ticket holders to the new arena in the heart of the Detroit. We chose to partner with local vendors who were able to create exclusive, one-of-a-kind pieces, showing off what makes this “comeback” city so amazing through their dedication and creativity. One of our favorite items was the custom frame, created from reclaimed wood from homes and buildings that had been destroyed in Detroit. This sense of repurpose and rebirth was a common theme among the gifts. We showcased all the stadiums the Pistons have ever called home on antique style postcards and featured a vintage miniature branded basketball. The unique curation was made even better with our signature finishes of wrapping, stories, and handwritten notes, held together in a beautiful custom box designed specifically for the Pistons. Each box was individually sent to over 300 people, a perfect way to build enthusiasm for the start of the season and show appreciation for the roots of the team. A slam dunk first order for Open Me When.


      Open Me When Pistons End Grain Frame      Open Me When Detroit Friends Potato Chips



Pistons Record PlayersWorking for the same client to create a new round gifts going to essentially the same people presented a whole new set of challenges. We wanted to give a gift completely different than the previous year, but still just as meaningful and memorable. We decided to think outside of the box (literally), landing on the idea of a branded record player with bluetooth speaker paired with a completely custom record, pressed locally at Jack White’s Third Man Records. The result? A blue vinyl record featuring “Sounds of Detroit Basketball” including in-game commentary, player announcements, and a special message from the new coach, Dwane Casey. This gift became an instant platinum hit, still talked about fondly today.

Pistons Vinyl Record in Player             Pistons Record Player Closed          Pistons Blue Vinyl Record

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