John Wayne
Cancer Institute

Open Me When John Wayne Cancer Institute BoxNothing says the word cowboy like the iconic actor, John Wayne. Honoring his legacy that provided endless inspiration, we were thrilled to explore our “country” side with the John Wayne Cancer Institute Auxiliary, creating custom gifts to give to their famous hosts, honorees, and event leaders for their annual fundraising gala. The custom wooden box with engraved logo set the tone for the Old West theme, opening to reveal a gourmet s’mores kit, campfire candle, John Wayne puzzle book and bourbon, and a genuine horseshoe from John Wayne’s hometown of Winterset, Iowa. These gifts appropriately nod to this icon’s fame in the country western genre with a high-end, luxury twist that the event demands. There’s nothing we love more than working with a theme that pushes us outside of our comfort zone, resulting in some of our greatest gifts yet.


Open Me When and Dick Taylor ChocolateOpen Me When and Wondermade Marshmallows  Open Me When Horseshoe  Open Me When and Campfire CandleOpen Me When and John Wayne Puzzle Book

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