A Sensory Sensation

First impressions matter, especially when it comes to gift giving. The anticipation and excitement starts the moment the package arrives where the attention to detail sets the stage for what lies within.  At Open Me When, we believe it is important to engage all five senses for the ultimate gifting experience.

  1. Sight - It starts with the surprise element of sliding off the Open Me When box band and discovering the rich gold foil stamp juxtaposed against the deep navy color of the box. Once opened, you’ll discover the gifts wrapped in our own custom designed wrapping paper and nestled among bright white and gold shreds. 
  1. Touch - Run your hand along the side of the box to feel the printing technique known as “soft touch”. This coating has become increasingly popular for its tactile appeal and ability to take printed pieces to the next level. The handwritten note also has the same soft, velvety coating.
  1. Smell - Working with the master of all things scent related, Doug Schwartz of Detroit Wick helped us to enhance our brand with a custom scent sprayed inside each of our boxes. We can’t tell you our secret ingredients but we can tell you how much fun it was experimenting with different combinations until we finally found our signature scent. We hope that whenever you smell our sweet and subtle floral notes you’ll immediately recognize Open Me When.
  1. Hear - There is no better sound than the crinkle of wrapping paper as you eagerly tear open the package to see what’s inside. That familiar sound should take you back to the excitement and anticipation of opening gifts from childhood birthdays and family holidays. As you unwrap of the gifts in your Open Me When box, we hope you embody that same youthful spirit filled with enthusiasm and childlike wonder.
  1. Taste - Many of the pre-curated Open Me When boxes contain delicious treats that will have your sweet tooth thanking you. Our personal favorites: the Zingerman’s chocolate covered peanut brittle found in the Smitten with the Michigan box, the Louis Sherry chocolate truffles in the beautiful pink and gold collectable tin in the Going for the Gold box, and the Lakrids “C” dark chocolate and coffee coated black licorice in the Treat for Being Sweet Box. If you like to bake, or even if you just love those pull apart and stick in the oven cookies (I know I do), impress your family and friends with your gourmet skills by adding a pinch of the vanilla salt to chocolate chip cookies, found in the salt sampler kit from Jacobsen Salt Co. in the Gourmet for the Day box. 



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