Open Me When Your Dream Becomes Reality

Open Me When is a dream over twenty years in the making, and now it is coming true. Not just a gift box, but an experience: unwrapping the special gifts and reading the stories and handwritten note will bring back a feeling once lost from the act of gift giving. These boxes are the best of the best, because I have learned from the best.

For as long as I can remember, I looked forward to Christmas, not just for holiday cookies, singing carols, and presents under the tree, but for the special tradition between my mom and myself. As gifts for clients at her printing company, my mom created custom gift boxes full of unique gifts, treasures that you wouldn’t find just anywhere but wouldn’t want to live without. She transformed each item into a proper present through hand wrapping the gifts and writing stories about their history, quirky facts, and personal narratives about why each item was so carefully selected. Every December, our house was where the magic happened: every room looked like Santa’s workshop, with wrapping paper and ribbon overflowing from the tables. I proudly helped in any way I could, excited to be working with my mom and being a part of the excitement.

My mom and me in the printing plant. I loved feeling important and helping out the family business in any way I could.

As the company grew, so did the reputation of the boxes. Clients would share their family photos and write letters about what the boxes meant to them. Many would save the box and put it under their tree, waiting to unwrap the treasures until Christmas day with all their family members. Children would take turns reading the stories and opening the gifts, building anticipation with each remaining present. The boxes were an experience, something worth celebrating as an established tradition.

I have certainly come a long way from licking envelopes, but that same smile remains on my face as the excitement of starting my own company is just beginning.

After graduating from the University of Michigan, I began working at the printing company and learning about the packaging world. I enjoyed working in depth on the sales and marketing side of the business, but once I began the responsibility of creating the client holiday boxes, I knew that is where my heart belonged. I saw a larger potential for these boxes to be an important part of any occasion and the impact they would have on turning a simple gift into a personalized, cherished experience. I shared my idea with my husband, Eli, and I was lucky enough to have a counterpart who believed in my dream and supports me on this incredible, slightly scary endeavor. Immediately after saying “I Do”, Eli and I started this company together and are ready for our ultimate partnership in this next chapter of our lives.

Our first kiss as husband and wife at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

We are thrilled with the launch of the website and to be able to start sharing our boxes with all of you. We are prepared to work harder than ever to give you the perfect gifting solution that is both personalized and unique. Now that my mom is retired, it is her turn to help me wrap gifts and be a part of the Open Me When excitement. I am honored to continue her legacy and can’t wait for you all to see just what makes Open Me When so very special.


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